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Combat Wombat - Book Launch

On 1 October 2020, Combat Wombat to the Rescue hit the shelves in book stores across Australia. In anticipation of its release this picture book was given a very special launch at the Artists Shed in Canberra on National Wombat Day, 22 October 2020. With Tim the Yowie man present to officially launch this beautiful picture book, guests were entertained with stories of his exploits and fun facts about wombats.

Illustrator Tiffanee Daley and author Dr Gina Newton spoke on the origins of the book and how they came to work together. It was an informative and relaxed evening that shed some light on how Combat Wombat to the Rescue evolved from a side character in Gina's book, Blossom Possum and the Christmas Quacker, to the Wombat of action he is today. Tiffanee shared her processes through a showcase of two art video's that are available to view on her youtube channel, and the night ended with a Q&A session as well as a book signing. It was a huge success and a wonderful evening.

This event was broadcast live on the Tiffanee Daley Art facebook page and is available to view online. 

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