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The business side...

Tiffanee Daley is an Australian author-illustrator based in Perth, WA. Her art style is animated/painted and can be adapted for simpler cartoon characters or realistic ones. 

With aspirations to work in the gaming industry, Tiffanee began a game art and animation diploma in her twenties but was unable to finish due to a motorcycle accident. With the drastic change in circumstances, she resigned from her place of employment to focus on injury rehabilitation and became reacquainted with her passion for drawing and storytelling.


Her first publication as an illustrator is a picture book titled Combat Wombat to the Rescue and was published in October 2020. Combat Wombat is Written by local Canberra author Dr Gina M Newton and has a focus on bushfires.


Tiffanee has enjoyed membership of several Australian writers groups including the Australian Society of Authors (ASA), Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) and Marion (Formerly ACT Writers Centre). Currently she is seeking representation for her debut fantasy novel, picture books and building her personal portfolio of artworks.


The fun side...

A busy mum of two girls and several animals, her time is spent hanging out with the kids, tending to the thick double coat of her two Finnish Lapphund's and the cats, but when she can she's out and about sharing her love of adventure with the family. Rock climbing, archery, canyoning, rifle shooting, console gaming and (for a time) motorcycle riding, are just a few of the activities she enjoys and go hand in hand with her love of story telling/tendency to flit off with the faeries.

When she has time for her other lifelong love of gaming, Tiffanee finds herself lost in the rich worlds of Mass Effect, Tomb Raider (Even Angel of Darkness), Dragon Age, Halo Reach, Elder Scrolls Online and Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

In 2021, after many years of having very long hair, (down past her hips) she cut it all off and donated the pony tail for children's wigs. 

Photo taken by Jess Burrows - Nowra NSW

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